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Verity, Beecher Reagan’s Professional Services Leader Assessment is powered by Hogan Assessment’s industry-leading, validated assessment data science.

The creation of Verity will enable firms to access greater candidate or employee insight, to improve the quality of engagement, create an effective interview process and increase the likelihood of making and integrating the right hire. This platform was also developed and piloted with broader application including team and leadership development, leadership and client service team audits, leadership integration programs and diversity development programs. The data revealed by this platform is rich in opportunity; this allows clients to understand what talent they retain, what is necessary for success, how do they maximize opportunity and what they are looking for.

Verity was built by leveraging Beecher Reagan’s high performing individuals who have come through our process over the last decade. In conjunction with the benchmarking of a subset of the most successful leaders across Professional Services; this formula creates Verity’s unique success profile.

Verity is backed by science, experience and detailed profiles.

  • The worlds only proprietary, consulting/professional services leadership assessment tool
  • Powered Hogan Assessment’s industry-leading, validated personality assessment tools
  • Profile based on successful leaders/placements who have come through our process over the last 10 years.
  • 90% correlation to success!
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