A leading strategy consulting firm struggled to fill a role for a high-performing senior leader for its retail and commercial banking practice. The original search was drawn out for two years, which drained valuable time and resources, and they still had not found a candidate.



Beecher Reagan’s first order of business was to assess the engagement and uncover the issues hindering the search. Our analysis found that the narrow search scope was preventing our client from considering potentially viable candidates, and communication efforts did not accurately convey the dynamic of the position—it was a lucrative entrepreneurial and leadership opportunity rather than simply a line partner role.


Knowing the issues and how to address them, we broadened the search scope to include our full range of sources, such as rising stars at smaller and less well-known firms, those disenfranchised by market changes, and those who had moved from consulting to industry. We adjusted our communications strategy to ensure the role and its potential were clear to candidates.

Our approach quadrupled the firm’s previous list of potential candidates.


Hired a successful leader within six months.

The successful candidate—rejected as a poor fit in the initial two-year search—generated significant client revenue within his first year at the firm by employing his network as well as the firm’s many client relationships. As the firm continues to invest in leadership, they are using our strategic insights and process to better position their firm with new candidates and continue to grow.

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