Our client, a global management consulting firm, was tasked with bringing in new leadership and consultants for its $400 million Consumer Product Goods (CPG) and Retail practice. The new hires were integral to the rebuild of the practice’s talent base, which was part of a multifaceted strategy to meet the goals the firm established for CPG and Retail.



As a strategic partner and advisor, we worked with our client to identify the needs and outcomes of the search defining specific selection criteria.  Given the highly competitive nature of the sector, we determined that a compelling career case and value proposition, as well as personal advisory, would be key to enticing potential candidates.


After developing the value proposition and selection criteria, we identified top leadership roles at leading CPG and retail firms and tapped our network to create a select list of candidates. With the right communications and candidate strategy, we were able to gain access to and interest from top-tier leadership candidates.

After vetting the final selection, a Beecher Reagan consultant worked with each candidate from opportunity through offer presentation. During multiple negotiations, we managed compensation, valuations, leave behinds, and qualitative factors such as career goodwill to determine the final candidates.


Revenue generating partners added.

Beecher Reagan exceeded the client’s expectations resulting in the appointment of five partners, including a global practice leader, within 18 months. These hires included:

  • Head of the Global Consumer Practice
  • Partner, Retail-Southern Region
  • Partner, Supply Chain Practice-Southwest Region and lead for North America
  • Partner, Consumer & Retail IT Strategy-Northeast
  • Partner/Co-Lead, Retail Operations Effectiveness

Beecher Reagan also placed several principals in key positions within the following groups:

  • Value-based consulting
  • Strategic IT
  • Strategy consulting

Follow-up interviews by Beecher Reagan revealed that revenue generated from this group of hires was more than $50 million within the first two years.

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